What is a Virtual Office?

Thanks to our Virtual Office service, you can benefit from a fantastic address even if you’re hardly ever there. We’ll assign you a prestigious address in Seville, which you can use on all your business collateral – wherever you decide to actually work..

What is a Virtual office?

With our virtual office service you will be able to house your company in the centre of Sevilla-Calle Rioja, and receive your mail, fax and parcel there.

There are many cases of companies in Seville,, Andalusia and Spain that may need a Virtual Office service of at some stage of their business development:

  • If you are a young company, recently started your activity and you need to have an address for tax purposes with
    a strong reputation.
  • If you are a well-known company in another area of Spain, outside of Seville, and you need a full service of Virtual Office in Seville to receive your mail, or to register your company in this city for the purpose of communicating with the Tax Authorities.
  • If you are a knowmad but want to use our address in Seville to show it on your business collateral.

If you are in any of these situations you will definitely beinterested in the Virtual Office service we offer for the well-known Calle Rioja 13 in the centre of Seville.


Business Address

Use our address in your advertising and on your website.

Mail Reception

We receive your mail, parcel and FAX and notify you via email.

Address for Tax purposes

Inclusion of our address as domicile of your company for the purposes of notifications from the Tax Authorities.

Brand Presence

We place your company logo in our facilities.

Urgent Scanning

We open and scan your certified mail by your request.

Networking Club

10% discount on meeting room rentals. Networking with other companies.


20 €/month
Virtual Office from 20 €/month + VAT
Business Address
Mail Reception
90 €/month
Virtual Office from 90 €/month + VAT
Business Address
Mail reception
Address for Tax purposes
Brand Presence
Networking Club
Urgent Scanning **

** It includes 50 letters per month (€0.90 for each additional scan).

Coming soon

Virtual Office Seville is a service of WorkINcompany

WorkINcompany is a well located, veteran co-working space based in the heart of Seville, with more than five years of experience in the sector.

If in addition to the Virtual Office services you need to work a few days in a professional environment, or organize meetings and/or events, you can do it here.

Visit Workincompany's website

What do we offer?


In the best location of the financial center of Seville. With your Virtual Office service you will be able to brag about having registered your business in an address of renowned prestige.


We offer the possibility of registering our address as your business’ addres for tax purposes, which will be definitely useful for companies with several offices in other cities, knowmads, or even young companies in the beginning of their activity.


It’s simple. We’ll take care of your correspondence. We will notify you via email of all the letters you receive (even those certified, with your authorization).


In addition to all this we have several meeting rooms in our offices, where you will be able to meet with your clients in the most professional way. Check out our website.

WorkINcompany is located in Calle Rioja 13, in the heart of Seville.